Tourists, Beware a Foreign Bank Note Scam

Euro-50-NoteOn a recent trip to Benidorm, three of us were targeted by a scammer the moment we arrived.  On the way to the hotel, a man approached us claiming he was a fellow tourist and asking if we knew whether there was a branch of the Bank of Lebanon in Benidorm.  [Read more…]

5 Former Southeastern Employees Get Prison Sentences for Fraud

southeastern_logoBritish Transport Police reports that five former Southeastern staff have been handed prison sentences for defrauding the railway and its customers of more than £185,000 since 2011.  [Read more…]

 Parcel Delivery Scam

Fortunes_of_a_Street_WaifThis scam takes place when an unexpected parcel is delivered to your door.  A few minutes later the phone rings.  It’s the courier company explaining that they made a mistake and the parcel was incorrectly addressed to you.  [Read more…]

Courier Fraud

TelephoneSomeone cold calls you on your landline claiming they are from the fraud department of your bank / credit card company.  They tell you they have spotted a fraudulent transaction on your card and the card needs to be replaced.  [Read more…]

Train Ticket Clerks Defraud Oyster Customers


British Transport Police recently reported that 6 train company employees carried out a ticket scam by selling fraudulent Oyster cards and keeping the money for themselves.  They have been arrested and jailed.  [Read more…]

Student Mobile Phone Scam

smart-phoneStudents have become the target of a mobile phone scam in which they have been persuaded to purchase mobile phones on a 1 or 2 year contract and hand them over to scammers in return for a small cash payment and the promise of future income.  [Read more…]

Romance Fraud

heartOne of the most heart-breaking ways in which people can be conned is by a romance scam.  A recent episode of the BBC radio consumer programme You and Yours featured the story of a lady, Claire, in her 50s who, after sadly losing her husband to cancer, went online and found a man calling himself David.  [Read more…]

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