This page is dedicated to Seaford in East Sussex and the surrounding areas.

Rowdy Youths Cause Disturbance in West Seaford

Intermittently during recent weeks a group of teenagers – sometimes up to 15 or so at a time – has disturbed the peace of residents in West Seaford, particularly around the area towards the south end of Princess Drive.  [Read more…]

Council Tax: Special Expenses for Seaford


If you live in Seaford, you may have noticed a line on your council tax demand notice referring to Special Expenses for Seaford and Seaford Town Council.

As there was no accompanying leaflet to clarify what this meant, I asked Lewes District Council for more details on these expenses.

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Constructive Meeting With Southern About Connecting Services to Seaford

Train - Smaller (500x375)For the past 6 years I have been complaining to Southern about missed train connections at Lewes en route from London Victoria to Seaford. Following a proposal from Passenger Focus, Southern was kind enough to arrange a meeting with their Head of Train Planning and one of his colleagues from their communications department.  This meeting was very constructive.

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Southern Connecting Services That Fail to Connect

Train - Smaller (500x375)It’s a dark, gloomy January night.  Commuters sitting on the train from London to Lewes are anxiously looking at their watches as the train is once again running a few minutes late.   Finally, and with frustrating slowness, the train eases its way into the platform and, after a brief delay, the little button lights up to indicate the doors are unlocked.

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Seaford Residents Surveyed About Green Waste Collection Service

RecycleThose living in Seaford will have received a note about recycling green waste from the Lewes Council during the past few days, probably hand-delivered along with the Seaford Scene magazine.

Lewes Council is considering introducing a fortnightly opt-in green waste recycling service.

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2 Places on the A259 That Need a Pedestrian Crossing


There are 2 places I pass regularly on the A259 that could really do with a pedestrian crossing.

1.  Junction With Hill Rise Bishopstone

2. Seven Sisters Country Park

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[Picture is not of either location.  Sorry, did not have a public domain picture of the locations in question but will try to add them in due course.]

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