Dr Who: Time for Steve Moffat to Hand Over the TARDIS Keys?


Steve Moffat’s early contributions to Dr Who were brilliant.  I jumped in The Empty Child when the hand came through the letter box, and the ending where “for once everybody lives” was fantastic.  His superb creations in the clockwork robots & weeping angels were as creepy as they were scary.  In Silence in the Library he managed to make shadows frightening … and we had the added bonus of being introduced to the intriguing & entertaining River Song.

So when I heard he was taking over from Russell T. Davies as executive producer, I felt the show was in safe hands.  Read more…

My prediction that Davros would be back came true: https://twitter.com/consumerl00kout/status/644313198376693760

Benidorm: Is It Like the TV Programme?

Benidorm TVRecently I spent a week in Benidorm.  My impression of this former fishing village, now transformed into a “shrine” for the high-rise tower block worshipper, was derived largely from the somewhat tarnished reputation depicted by the media over the years of drunken lager louts behaving badly on the seafront.

In fact we were in for a very pleasant surprise.  Read More

12 Monkeys: Still Time to Catch it if you Missed this Gripping New Series

SyfyHaving only the vaguest memories of the film 12 Monkeys, I thought it was worth giving the new TV series reimagining that story a try.

The TV version of 12 Monkeys does not disappoint.  It launches with scenes in the future and the recent past that are as exciting as they are intriguing.  The pilot had me hooked from the get-go.

Read more…

Review: Dead Simple, the Stage Version by Peter James

Dead Simple

Friends recently kindly treated me to a performance of the play Dead Simple at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford.

This was a great experience: the production team had done a wonderful job…

Read More…

Extant: Re-Entry Proves a Promising Start

SyfyThose who enjoy sci-fi and fantasy shows may be interested in the series Extant showing on the UK Syfy channel.

This series tells the story of astronaut Molly Woods who, as the series opens, has just returned from a 13-month mission alone in space

 Read More…

Sky Charges For VoiceMail – Time to Get an Answerphone?


On 1 December Sky started charging £1 per month (or £12 per year) for their 1571 voicemail service.  To be fair, they are only adopting the model set out by BT at the beginning of this year.  Sky’s service is also cheaper, as BT charges £1.75 a month (or £21 per year).   

Read More…

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