New Proposal for 49′ Mobile Phone Mast on Buckle Bypass

Only a few months after the previous planning application was rejected, a new application has been made to install a mobile phone mast on the Buckle Bypass – a few feet further down the road from the previous proposal.


This will be a 15 metre (49 foot) pole bearing 3 antennae.  There will be 2 adjacent street-level cabinets.   It is expected to tower 7 metres (22 feet) above the treeline.

It will be located on the north side of the Buckle Bypass at the point the barrier ends.

Other planning documents can be seen on the Lewes District Council website.  The planning reference is LW/16/0753.

There is a map of the proposed site & a diagram showing the elevation of the mast, as well as other documents that may be of interest:

  • Click the link above.
  • Search for LW/16/0753.
  • Click Documents.
  • The View Associated Documents.

N.B. The site seems to be a bit flaky and often seems to be down or sessions time out quickly.  So you may need to be persistent to see the documents.

Lewes District Council Communications

The previous planning notice drew criticism when it was placed on a tree facing the Buckle Bypass where nobody was likely to see it!

Lewes District Council has done a better job of informing the public this time with planning notices prominently appearing on lampposts around the area.

They even seem to have written to some – but bizarrely not all – affected households.  Letters have been received seemingly randomly at households in the area.  More than one case has been observed where one neighbour received a letter and the next did not.  The rationale behind this is not known.

Mixed Views

Opinion is likely to be divided.

This area has notoriously poor mobile coverage with some residents unable to get a reliable signal indoors – or even sometimes outside their property.  So many may welcome any improvement to mobile communications in the area.

Others may well be concerned about whether a mast of this height would be unsightly, cause local property prices to drop, pose a health risk or whether storm-force winds often experienced in winter months could cause the mast to break or fall onto the road or neighbouring properties.  It should be noted that on the previous planning application Lewes District Council declined to answer questions on the latter point.

Your Chance to Have Your Say

All residents have an opportunity to express their views by writing to:

Mrs. Amanda Haslett
Lewes District Council
Southover House
Southover Road
Lewes BN7 1AB

Or you can make a comment online at the Planning Public Access Site.

Any feedback must be made by September 30 and it will be make a matter of public record, so anyone can view your comments.

Disappointingly the letter received by households indicates that they will not be replying to letters, although you can phone Mrs Haslett on 01273 484439/484440.