Youth Behaviour Causes Concern to Seaford Residents

Residents in the Princess Drive / Clementine Avenue area were kept awake last Friday night as there was a seeming recurrence of the sort of youth disturbance that plagued the area last summer.

Large numbers of young people were seen passing through the area heading in the direction of Clementine Avenue.

Initially residents thought a teenager might have been having a party without parental supervision – this perception being largely based on last summer’s events and concerns.

However, a parent from a house in that road that did have a party that night has responded below (see Comments section) to indicate their party was supervised, music was down by 11.30pm and no youngsters were seen leaving with bottles or cans.

People nearby were kept awake by some noise and loud music around 12.45 /1am in the Clementine Avenue area.  This may have been from cars arriving at or leaving the area.

The majority of youngsters were well-behaved, as is normal within this area.  But there were instances of some carrying out loud, expletive-ridden conversations, which residents found offensive.

The next morning cans, bottles and broken glass were found in the streets where the young people had been observed the night before.  A couple of local residents cleared up this up the next morning to avoid injury to passers-by.

Sussex Police have been informed.

Anyone who experiences this type of disturbance in future can contact the police on the non-emergency 101 number.   Or if it tips over into criminal damage / threatening behaviour, call 999 for assistance.


3 thoughts on “Youth Behaviour Causes Concern to Seaford Residents

  1. I am shocked to read your article! This was a birthday party at my house and every detail in your article in incorrect! Adults were present and no teenagers were left unsupervised The music was off by 11.30 so I hardly see how a lot of music and noise was heard at 1am. Nobody left with bottles, cans, etc so if the residents had to pick up litter the next day then it did not come from us. It appears to be me that this article has been written by someone who hates to see people enjoying themselves and it pains me to know that things have to be exaggerated in order to print ‘news’. As for informing the police, perhaps I will have to do this if I see any further incorrect articles written about me, my family or friends!!


  2. In fact I expect an apology for what has been written and I would strongly suggest that before they write any other articles that the author gets their facts right! Seaford is a lovely, friendly place and I fail to see what good writing this sort of rubbish does!!!!!!!! oh and by the way all the local residents were informed that we were having a party and they were all happy for it to go ahead!


    • Thank you for taking the time to explain about your party and put your side of things. I hope everyone enjoyed the party.

      It is good to hear that you let neighbours know, ensured that music was down by 11.30pm and that those who attended were not leaving with bottles in their hands. I’m sure that everyone appreciated these efforts. I don’t imagine anybody round here objects to an occasional party. I certainly don’t.

      Rereading the piece I wrote, it contains language that is slightly more emotive than I had intended, for which I apologise. And I am also happy to accept your claim that parental supervision was in effect on this occasion. Whilst I thought it was clear from my piece that this was just the impression of locals disturbed by the events of that evening rather than a statement of fact, I apologise for not making this clearer and for any offense that has caused.

      Let me recap in less emotive language what I was trying to get across in the piece and to try and clarify the facts:
      * Groups of young people were observed regularly passing through – and in some instances hanging around in – the Princess Drive area at various points during that evening.
      * They appeared to be heading towards a party that seemed to be taking place at a property – not necessarily yours – in Clementine Avenue.
      * A protracted conversation containing a number of expletives was heard emanating from a group of youths in a road not far from the party. Whilst it was not directed at them, this sort of behaviour was very unwelcome for those who overheard it. It is entirely possible this group of youths had nothing to do with the party. Although this is unusual behaviour for the area, as most young people here are very well behaved.
      * Around 12:45 / 1am residents (who had not been informed about the party) report they were kept awake by noise coming from the Clementine Avenue direction. There is no suggestion this was from a house – in fact it may have been from cars leaving properties – not necessarily yours – in the area.
      * On Saturday morning residents from 2 separate properties in the area had to clear up discarded bottles, cans and broken glass that were found in the areas groups of youths were seen hanging about the night before. It is possible this in entirely coincidental and had nothing to do with your party.

      Normally, I would not have bothered putting up a blog post about a bit of disturbance from a party. It was certainly not intended as “news”.

      But last summer there was a fair bit of concern amongst a number of local residents about large groups of youths – 15-20 on some occasions – gathering in the area on a fairly regular basis. This is not necessarily a problem in itself – we all know young people naturally congregate. But large numbers hanging about can be disconcerting to some elderly people.

      In a few cases those gatherings tipped over into anti-social behaviour. It is not thought that the intention of those young people was malicious – they were clearly just having fun. But sometimes young people away from the home can behave in ways that are undesirable and they often seems aware of the adverse impact this can have on local residents.

      Last summer these youths seemed to be congregating at a house in Clementine Avenue – not necessarily yours. This led to residents forming the impression – understandably, if possibly wrongly – that a teenager may be having large numbers of their friends round whilst the parents were out.

      Whilst this summer has otherwise been quiet, Friday night’s events appeared to be a repetition of last summer’s problems. I acknowldege that they may be unconnected.

      In the light of last year’s concerns I felt it reasonable to keep anyone in the area interested informed of the latest incident and remind them the advice police gave at the time, if any further anti-social behaviour should arise.

      I hope this helps clarify what I was trying to say with the piece. I’m certainly not trying to offend you or any of your family or friends or spoil this or any future party.

      But as I clearly have offended you I apologise unreservedly for doing so.


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