Youth Behaviour Causes Concern to Seaford Residents

Residents in the Princess Drive / Clementine Avenue area were kept awake last Friday night as there was a seeming recurrence of the sort of youth disturbance that plagued the area last summer.

Large numbers of young people were seen passing through the area heading in the direction of Clementine Avenue.

Initially residents thought a teenager might have been having a party without parental supervision – this perception being largely based on last summer’s events and concerns.

However, a parent from a house in that road that did have a party that night has responded below (see Comments section) to indicate their party was supervised, music was down by 11.30pm and no youngsters were seen leaving with bottles or cans.

People nearby were kept awake by some noise and loud music around 12.45 /1am in the Clementine Avenue area.  This may have been from cars arriving at or leaving the area.

The majority of youngsters were well-behaved, as is normal within this area.  But there were instances of some carrying out loud, expletive-ridden conversations, which residents found offensive.

The next morning cans, bottles and broken glass were found in the streets where the young people had been observed the night before.  A couple of local residents cleared up this up the next morning to avoid injury to passers-by.

Sussex Police have been informed.

Anyone who experiences this type of disturbance in future can contact the police on the non-emergency 101 number.   Or if it tips over into criminal damage / threatening behaviour, call 999 for assistance.