ASDA Clarifies Brighton Marina Parking Rules

In a recent post I raised concerns that customers at ASDA Brighton Marina might find themselves the victim of an unfair parking fine.

ASDA Clarifies the Rules

Following a response from ASDA, here is my current understanding of the rules:

  • Parking is now for customers only.
  • The time limit remains 3 hours.
  • You may not combine shopping at ASDA with another activity such visiting another store or getting a bite to eat, i.e. parking is provided only for the duration of your shopping trip.
  • Parking is enforced by both by parking attendants & ANPR cameras.


It is concerning that the signage does not clearly set out the parking rules.  Unfortunately, the rules are also not set out on ASDA’s website.  Specific concerns are:

  • The 3 hour limit is not mentioned.
  • The boards do not make clear that parking is only for customers solely during the duration of their shopping at ASDA.


This may have implications, such as:

  • Customers may think it is OK to combine a shopping trip to ASDA with another activity, leading them to get an unexpected parking fine.
  • This fine may be deemed by POPLA or the courts to be unenforceable, as the boards failed to make clear that parking is limited solely to the duration of their custom at ASDA.
  • ASDA may alienate their customer base if people feel they have been unfairly fined.
  • Leaving the “policing” of the parking to potentially overzealous incentive-driven (?) parking attendants may result in unfair fines.  E.g. if a customer has completed their shopping and – spotting a friend across the other side of the car park – walks across for a chat, the parking attendant may (choose to) perceive this as combining the shopping trip with another activity and issue a ticket.

Contacting ASDA

ASDA’s contact page does not seem to have any obvious option for emailing the company.  In fact it was easier in the end for me to identify the CEO and email him.

If you wish to contact ASDA about this or any other issue you can do so via this web form.