UK Telephone Number 0118 281484 Making Unsolicited PPI Claims Calls

If you have caller display on your phone and see an incoming call from UK telephone number 0118 281484, you may wish to avoid taking this call.

It is an unsolicited automated PPI claims sales call with (from what I heard) the message displayed below.

They called a number registered to the Telephone Preference Service this morning, so this has been reported to the Information Commissioner.

If you receive a similar call, you can report it here.

… no policy details. That’s right.  All you need to know is the name of your bank and you could be entitled to an automatic refund within 12 weeks  To see if you’re entitled to an automated refund, press 5 now.  Start your claim now by pressing 5 now.  Or press 9 to be removed from the PPI database.