Has Southern Just Reduced Its Delay Repay Bill?

Southern has just introduced a new timetable.

The 7.29am service from Brighton to London Victoria, which has been called the worst service in Britain and the “train of shame” after failing to arrive on time for an entire year, has been adjusted to miss out Wivelsfield station (which may be annoying for those who live there) and to arrive 3 minutes later at 8.38 instead of the previous 8.35.  So, passengers still stand no chance of being there at 8.35 and have the “pleasure” of a longer journey.

Under the Delay Repay scheme a train must be 30 minutes late before passengers can claim compensation.   This means that instead of being able to claim at 9.05 for a significantly delayed train, passengers cannot claim until 9.08, giving Southern an extra 3 minutes leeway to deliver the already very late and frustrated commuters to their destination and avoid having to pay them any compensation.

Perhaps it is time a graduated scheme were introduced for season ticket holders, to provide compensation for regular delays that are less than 30 minutes.

Consumer Lookout previously pointed out that some passengers owed compensation under the Delay Repay scheme may have difficulty claiming, as they used single tickets that were taken by the automated barriers at the end of their journey.  Southern still does not alert passengers to this risk on their Delay Repay page, despite the fact that it was drawn to their attention last month.